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Lab-Grown Diamonds

√ A lab-grown diamond is a diamond: chemically, physically and optically identical to a mined diamond.

√ Lab-grown diamonds are considered as a sustainable source, cheaper alternative and perfect substitute of mined diamonds.

√ Diamonds are more widely known to be used in jewellery but diamonds are also commonly used for industrial applications in medical equipment, aerospace, semiconductors, among others.


  • Only the highest grade of lab-grown diamonds are used for jewellery production.
  • Similar to mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are graded and certified using the same scale and criteria known as the 4Cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat.
  • The diamond jewellery market is expected to continue to grow, and the rising popularity of lab-grown diamonds will likely outpace the industry’s overall growth.


  • Due to its inherent properties, diamond is considered to be the most optimal semiconductor material, far outmatching the capabilities of silicon, the industry-standard material for more than 60 years.
  • Diamond-based semiconductors use less energy more efficiently while delivering better performance. They are also more environmentally friendly than silicon and improve thermal performance within a device.
  • New researches are unlocking the hidden properties of diamond for next-generation electronics.


  • Diamonds have been shown to have superior carrier mobility, breakdown electric field and thermal conductivity, the most important properties to power electronic devices.


  • Diamond can be used in several medical applications due to its unique mechanical,  chemical, optical, and bio-compatible properties.
  • Significant research advances in the use of diamond to enhance biosensing applications     (such as magnetic brain imaging), among others.