Biomass Carbon Reduction Treatment System


The advanced technology being considered can effectively process kitchen waste, animal carcasses, and bio waste, converting them into valuable food valorisation by offering cost-effective solutions. The process prioritizes low carbon emissions, aiming to promote a greener diet choice through the production of high value animal protein, nutritional dense animal feed, and organic compost. Importantly, the method adopts sustainable practices, emphasizing environmental protection and sustainability.

A smart design, space efficient can be used for indoor or outdoor to increase efficiency and productivity.

Factory setting
Facilitating centralized processing a novel food waste valorisation to way to leverage on Singapore’s zero waste masterplan and 30 by 30 Goals.

Domestic use
This will truly bring kitchen waste disposal into every household, achieving an increase in popularity.

Kitchen waste resource utilizationA win-win solution with our system self- consumption facility, convert waste for power and gas supply

Achieving harmony between industrial production and environmental protection.

Environmentally friendly and efficient renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions during production, achieving green energy and environmental protection.

  • Optimizing processing techniques:By adopting advanced biodegradation technology and pyrolysis technology, kitchen waste is decomposed into various gases, liquids, and solids, realizing the utilization of waste for energy and resources. This reduces dependence on fossil fuels, while also decreasing the amount of waste landfills and environmental pollution.
  • Improving energy utilization:The biogas and other clean energy generated are recycled for use in power generation, heating, etc., reducing reliance on external energy sources. The generated gas is utilized for power generation and integrated into the urban power grid. It can also be directly used as a fuel to provide energy for factories or other facilities.
  • Economic and environmental benefits:Through the high-temperature treatment of kitchen waste. High temperature treatment can effectively kill bacteria. High temperatures also speed up various chemical reactions within bacteria to speed up the breaking down process with the enzymes. to reduce the risk of contamination and foodborne illnesses making the output safer for both human health and the environment. promote sustainability and minimize environmental impact.