Meeting All Security Concerns in E-waste Disposal

Security begins not just within our premises but rather at the onset of client consultation and continues throughout the processing stages.

To safeguard your intellectual property, we offer certified secure data destruction as the only way to be sure that your company's data, confidential client or employee information does not fall into the wrong hands. At Metech Recycling, all information storage devices, including hard disks, flash drives, memory, media and documentation are physically destroyed beyond recovery.

Metech also provides secure tracking and certified destruction of obsolete products and excess inventory. Each product is closely tracked by SKU number, serial number, part number, date, make, model, or any other data you may require through our customized tracking and reporting system.

From the people to the processes to the premises, strict security measures are adhered to. Our total security system is designed to protect our customers against any present or future liabilities.

People Processes Premises
  1. Security Specialist to design your security plan.
  2. Experienced security partners to audit security processes.
  3. Expertise in operational security processes.
  4. Regular training program for security & operational personnel.
  1. The flexibility to incorporate customer-specific concerns into security process.
  2. Unique-lot barcode identification ensures full accountability of material flow.
  3. Safeguarding the integrity of customers’ materials eg. protection of customers’ IPs & secure data destruction.
  4. Controlled operational processes, with built-in checks.
  1. Dedicated secure areas for storage of security-sensitive materials.
  2. 24x7 CCTV cameras to monitor critical processes & storage areas.
  3. Controlled access to security-sensitive processes & storage areas.
  4. Use of metal detectors screening at access points to security-sensitive processes & storage areas.